Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tennis anyone?

Dear world,
With all this excitement around Wimbledon, I thought I would I would try my paw at tennis. Since it involves tennis balls, I figured I would love the sport. Well, the racket is a bit hard to hold in my paw. So I asked Mom to play an alternate version of the game. She went to one side, hit it over the net where I was and I fetched it and brought it back. It is lots of fun. However, since it is hot out, I got hosed down before the next set!
Love always,


  1. Sounds like a great game Bear. My version of that would be to run after the ball and then keep it. I've always thought this "fetch" idea was a bit strange. It's much more fun when you get the object and they run after you trying to get it back!! Teehee. Alfie x

  2. Bear yoor mom must be alwayze telling u how smart you iz! Yoo haz such gweat ideas! Yoor version uv tennis sownds lyke such fun! Go Bear! :)

  3. you should have in your side of the court those machines that throw the ball to the other side. Once you catch the ball, you just need to drop the ball in the right place in the machine and it will be shot to the other side. I think is doable.
    You look like a champ to me.