Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Standing ground

Dear world,
The other day Fuzz found my big bully stick and brought it to the side yard. He set it down and then walked away. So I immediately took it and started carrying it away. After all, it was mine. He ate his already. Well while I was walking away, Fuzz came over and tried to take it and eat it. But there was no way I was going to let that happen. I dug my feet solidly into place, held that stick and didn't move. He kept on chewing and trying to pull. But I stood my ground and held on. After what seemed like hours, Fuzz gave up and walked away. The humans all cheered and were so proud of me.
Love always,


  1. you both look very patriotic with those bandanas.
    Bear, even though you won at the end, it looks like the stick is long enough for both, one at each end. Sharing is better than having it all for your own. Although sometimes is much enjoyable if you have it all for yourself ;)

  2. Glad you won that little fight over your stick. Sure even when Fuzz had a new stick, yours would be more interesting. BOL.
    Love your stories,Bear.
    Hugs from MisterSnoop

  3. Good dog hang on 2 urs stuff XXX