Thursday, July 1, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Bird in the Basket

Dear world,
There are so many birds around here. Well it is no wonder. Mom and Dad put up bird feeders and mom throws bird seed on the ground. I look at all the birds outside the window. And I love to chase them, but they always fly away. Yesterday, I found this bird in the toy basket. It even chirps. Not sure where it came from. Maybe Mom dropped some birdseed in the basket.


  1. he he -dat's cute. You has your very own birdie to nom on.

  2. Oh, Fuzz you so cute..I like your guest blogs.

  3. A bird in the jaw is worth 2 at the feeder.

  4. that birdy has no chance with you.
    nice of your mom to feed the birds.
    I feed pigeons in my little park. Some ravens show up if they see me.

  5. Aww Fuzz u iz so cute! I lubz seein da birdies outside my window! It's bery nyce uv Bear to share da bloggie wif u! Yoo duz a gweat job wif it!