Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dad wore my shorts

Dear world,
For my Dad's birthday, Fuzz and I got him the coolest presents. Board shorts with our pictures on them! (Dad calls them swim trunks). I made mine with my Irish Bear picture since he is Irish. Fuzz made his with Dad's favorite picture, the happy dance. One pic on each side. Well last weekend, Dad finally wore them! I thought for sure he would wear Fuzz's first since he's his favorite. But he wore mine first! and then he wore them again! He hasn't worn Fuzz's yet. Fuzz says he is saving the best for last. I think he just likes mine better. Well, whatever. I like being first for a change with Dad.
Love always,


  1. your dad is crazy if he doesn't like those shorts.
    I'm sure your dad's hearts is big enough to have 2 favorite dogs.
    Irish? Bear, that makes you half American, half Irish... :)

  2. Aww bof pairs of shorts is so great , an urs dad is lucky 2 has 2 great doggies !!!!

  3. Those are the neatest shorts. We all love them.
    My anipals said they know your Dad loves both of you equal. You're both so cute.

  4. WOW - Way cool shorts. he he- now see - your Dad does like you best cuz he wore your short first. Besides, you lived there first, so you should get 1st billing.

  5. Those are just soooo cool! Lucky dad!