Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nap index

Dear world,
I just heard about this thing called a heat index. There is supposed to be 110 index here in Memphis today. So I will be staying inside. Which of course means that I will be taking more naps. So it got me to thinking. Is there also a nap index? How is it measured? Minutes per day? Does it include sleeping or just napping? I think it should be both. So if there are 1440 minutes in a day that is probably the top number of the index. So on a normal day I would say my index is about 720. I wonder what my nap index will be when it is 110 heat index? 50% higher? I really need to start keeping track of this correlation. I could be on to something.
Love always,


  1. I bet those cool tiles feel good in that intense heat. Stay cool, Bear.

  2. Bear Mom thinks my Nap index is around 990. Mom says She thinks I nap a lots. Day = Pee, Run Fence Bark, Nap, Run fence, pee, eat, Nap, pee, run fence, nap. Wiggle cause Dad Home, Pee, nap, Then wiggle for treats, play throw the toy. Cuddle. Nap. Bark, Pee, Run fence, cuddle play, rough house, Then SLEEP for bed time to start over next day.

    I say she forgets about all the follow follow I do when she is walking around in the house working, she forgets about the follow Dad after he home. She forgets about lots of the stuff I do. I has to get up to go get a drink. I has to look out the window and make sure all ok out there. I say I very busy boy.. But it sure is hot. LOVE my AC.

  3. I'll say the nap index is proportional to the heat index. And the hotter it is, those tiles become cooler and cooler. My cat had a nap index of 1300 :)
    Bear: you and your ball look inseparable.

  4. BOO! Hi Bear! I used anonymous to surprise you, did it work?

    Being a furry girl the heat does not make me "hawt" only itchy & hot and thirsty. And grouchy. Not sure about my nap index but my treat index is going down after my recent vet visit said I need more cuddles and less lamb jerky. Grrr.

    Thanks for being my pal
    -kisses Cleo, @grouchypuppy

  5. I think my Nap index is bout 900, its 2 hot 2 tell BOL

  6. We wish we could get some of that warm out here (but not all of it) we're having winter *pout*