Monday, July 5, 2010

A golden tan

Dear world,
Sometimes when I was at the beach I would see humans laying still in the sun with their eyes closed. Now in Tennessee, my family and visitors come and do the same thing at my pool. So I asked Mom what all these people are doing. She said they are trying to get a sun tan. Oh, so they want to be golden like me? She said sort of. So I noticed that my belly was a bit white so I decided to try tanning. Not sure how long it takes to get more golden, but I was too hot to find out. Maybe I will borrow my sister Sydne's bronzer for my stomach fur instead.
Love always,


  1. Tanning for you might not do anything. I think you are a Golden boy already.
    Also, getting a Tan at the beach involves that marine breeze going around and into your skin and the sun warming all that. In TN there is no salt in the air. I think people just get burn and they call it a tan.
    A bronzer in all that fur might not be a good idea ;)

  2. Mom turns into an Irish Setter when she stays in the sun!

  3. You look very nice, Bear. A little sun looks good on you. *wag wag wag*