Saturday, July 31, 2010

My new assistant

Dear world,
Well now that Fuzz is finally OK with the stairs, my Mom can work out of her new home office. This office has a couch, which is very cool. I assume she got it for me since I am her Vice-President. I interviewed Fuzz the other day and have decided to hire him to start as my assistant. He wanted to know what he gets paid. Well, I get paid in tennis balls but I know he will expect cookies. I need to consult with my boss (Mom) about this.
Love always,


  1. Bear yoo and Fuzz look so cute! Yoo two must mayke gweat VP and assistant! Ebery VP needz an assistant! I wish I haz a pillow lyke yoo too haz!

  2. Oh dats great Fuzz gets 2 help, an I luv urs pillows, did urs mom make em ???

  3. I think cookies are better. I would want to get paid in cookies.

  4. I'm not sure how Mom does work in that office. I will like to be playing with both of you all day long. I'm so glad to see both of you together in Mom's office. Now everything is ok.