Thursday, July 15, 2010

Peabody Duck

Dear world,
My Mom & Dad took the family to see the Peabody ducks last weekend, When they came home, Mom showed everybody these two quacking duck toys. I was so excited because I thought they were for Fuzz and me. But then she gave them to Caroline and Drew! I thought maybe there were more, but nothing else was inside the bag. Bummer! I tried to take one from Caroline but Mom got mad at me. So no ducks for me. But this morning Mom came downstairs with one of the ducks! She said Caroline must have left it here by mistake. But I know better. Caroline loves me and she left it for me as a going away present. Thanks Caroline! QUACK!
Love always,


  1. it was written that the duck was yours.
    cross my mind while I was reading your post that Caroline left it in purpose. you arrived to the same conclusion.
    I'm more worry that your mom didn't buy 4 ducks for the 4 "kids" of the house. And you love them more. If somebody throws them in the pool, you will be the first to jump and rescue it :)

  2. For some reason, our hu-dad has seen the ducks but has never taken us. We wonder why?