Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fetch and chew

Dear world,
We sometimes pass this empty lot on our walk. Mom and Dad like to throw Fuzz and me sticks so that we can run around and play fetch. Fuzz and I discussed this and decided we would rather chew the sticks. So the first time they throw them, we fetch and retreive. Mom and Dad get very happy. The next time they throw the sticks we get them and then sit down and chew them. Fuzz and I get very happy. I think that is fair.
Love always,


  1. he he- now dat's another Golden trick for sure cuz Mattie does the same thing. Why bring it back when you can have a good chew.

  2. Bear, I like sticks too..good thing you at least fetched once to make the parents happy!

  3. I'm a human and after seeing you and Fuzz chewing those sticks I have an impulse about going to my park later and looking for a good branch for myself :)

  4. I have found that if you don't bring them back ever they keep throwing new ones. Maybe mu humans are just particularly dumb but I have them trained.