Friday, July 23, 2010

FuzzBuzz: A horse for me

Dear world,
When we were at Shelby Farms Park I saw a horse. I immediately ran over to it. The woman on the horse wasnt so sure about me. My parents told her I was ok, but called me back over. The horse winked at me. I smiled. I love horses. In my foster home I had a horse friend. I really loved him. I wish I could have a horse in my forever home. Bear explained that it won't happen. But I think it is worth a try. My Dad loves me so much and seems like a softie with me especially since I am his favorite. So maybe I will ask my Dad if I can have a horse. Why is Bear rolling his eyes?


  1. he he- oh ignore Bear. If you want a horse, tell your dad to get you a horse. I love horsies too.

  2. I think a horse is a fantastic idea.
    I have a trick you can try... don't breath... once you start turning blue you dad will buy you the horse. Your dad looks like a real nice guy. He always has this big smile when playing with you or Bear.
    You are tall so a horse as friend seems like the right thing to do.

  3. Maybe you could get one of those little miniature horses? You'd be about the same size that way and it won't take up that much room so dad will be more likely to get it for you!

  4. Those big dogs smell funny, but we like talking to them.

  5. My anipals and I always enjoy your blog.
    Our neighbor has horses and cows and everyone enjoys watching them from the window.

  6. Hi Fuzzy! I think you shud haf a horse. We haf 3 horsies here and dey are nice fwends to haf.