Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pizza for 1000

Dear world,
I like to tweet, no, not like a bird, like a twitterer. Anyway, I was eagerly awaiting the day I would have 1000 followers. So the other day when I was getting close, Mom said we could have a pizza party when I hit 1000. So it happened and we had pizza! Now I have a new goal of 2000. I am thinking about what type of party I could have for that....hmmmm. Any thoughts?
Love always,


  1. Oh a pizza pawty wuz very good, N my werld U couldnt get better den Pizza !!!!

  2. Bear, you are adorable. those 2,000 are coming soon.
    Next time could be pizza again, but you order the toppings: extra-bacon and extra-saussige. The humans can have whatever you leave in the box... not the other way around.

  3. You are such a sweet doggie, you'll be up to 2,000 in no time. Dat pizza really looks good.

  4. Did you get a pizza for every follower? Now THAT would be cool.

  5. You such a gud twitter fwend, it always nice to talk wif you. Maybe a bacon pawty? Congrats on yur 1000 fallowers.

  6. Congratulations on 2000 twitter fwends!