Thursday, July 22, 2010


Dear world,
We have this plant stuff at our house called Monkey grass that feels really cool to lay down in. And I think it is hard to see me since it is so tall. I laid down in it today and it got me to thinking . Mom has this picture in her office of a cheetah hiding in very tall grass. But the cheetah is the same color as the grass because it helps her to be camouflaged for protection. Hmm I thought. Grass is green, I am gold. Something's gotta give. I wonder if Mom will let me paint the grass the same color as me so I can be camouflaged. I somehow don't think so. Well, maybe I will just wear a green shirt.
Love always,


  1. You are almost hidden Bear. You look like you is ready to give chase to something - maybe a ball!

  2. mmmm... this is weird... is just a picture of grass... I wonder where Bear is... usually he is in every picture... weird... that grass looks great for him to play around but he is not there... or is he? ;)

  3. No Problem, just wait, winter will turn the grass a color closer to golden!