Monday, July 12, 2010

Panda Bear Bear

Dear world,
The other day my family went to the Memphis zoo. As usual, I wasn't allowed to go. When they came back, my niece Caroline brought me and Fuzzy each a toy. Stuffed owls, one brown, one white. They are very cute and we liked them. But then Mom took something else out of the bag from the zoo. She asked Caroline if she wanted to wear it. Caroline said "no thank you.". I thought uh oh as Mom approached me. And that is when I became PandaBear Bear.
Love always,


  1. watch out! China might want to bring you back to the motherland!

    just when I thought you couldn't be any cuter, you managed to do it.

  2. That's so cute, and he appears to like wearing them!

  3. Uhhhh - we know a good attorney at claw if you need some help there, Bear.

  4. Love the ears. Would you like some bamboo?

  5. BOL U look very cute N dem ears !!!