Saturday, July 24, 2010

Same-dog Marriage

Dear world,
We have this arbor thing in our yard and my mom started growing vines on it. Then the Crape Myrtle trees started blooming. It looked so pretty it reminded me of where people have wedding ceremonies. That got me to thinking. I could have my wedding ceremony there. Yah. I know. I am not even engaged. I actually don't even have a girlfriend. And I don't know if it is legal for two dogs to get married in this state. I somehow doubt it. Oh well. So much for Mr. and Mrs. Bear Bear.
Love always,


  1. Bear yoo r so hansum! Yoo haz to find a bwide! Yoo iz too hansum to go to waste! :)

  2. HeeHee BOL stay single my pal an play da field wif me !!!!I do luv urs hat !!

  3. You look absolutely very handsome in dat top hat pa and tie. Don't feel bad, I no have girl either - we batchelors will stick togethher.

  4. can't believe you have no girlfriend. but love is love so now you have Fuzz. and mom loves you very much.
    I hope to see a picture when those vines are covering the whole thing. Is going to be beautiful.

  5. Ha. Loved this post. Same-dog marriage will be allowed in our lifetime...just dont lose the faith.

    We are raising a golden as well (along with a great dane). Just wanted to stop by and say Hello...

    -Paul and Kyle