Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pool circus

Dear world,
During my family's visit this week we have been going in the pool everyday. It reminds me of a circus. Sometimes, Dad throws Caroline up and down in the air like a trapeze act without ropes. Then there is Drew in that little boat thing that he "drives" around like a clown in a crazy car. Chris jumps off the diving board and does a cannonball. Don't they have men coming out of canons at the circus? Bridget I guess is the ringleader since she is usually in the center cheering everyone on. I, of course am the animal act (but don't worry, no animal cruelty here. I am treated very well). And every circus needs an audience. And that is my Mom and (sometimes)Fuzzy. Cant' wait until tomorrow's circus!
Love always,


  1. A pool is just a pool unless it has a doggy on it... then it becomes a fun place to be.
    I recognize 'nurse Caroline', who made Fuzz feel better already.
    Bear looks like he could go to the Olympic games.
    very nice pic

  2. I'm not sure why but I don't like the pool. I go swimming in the pond all the time but refuse to go in the pool. I did fall in once trying to get a toy and just got right back out. Maybe I just prefer yucky murky pond water with a squishy bottom?

  3. Oh dat looks like so much fun Bear, do's Fuzz play N da pool 2 ?