Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two new dogs

Dear world,
I heard Mom talking to Dad on Friday about getting two more dogs. I told Fuzz. We were very excited. We were wondering when they were coming, whether they would be big or small, male or female, and on went our questions. Next thing we know, Mom opens the back door and calls us to look at our new dogs. We ran over to the white dogs that looked a little like us. Ugh. They were made of concrete. Bummer. Mom said that we could each name one. Great. How about Con and Crete?
Love always,


  1. MOL u two doz look a lil disappointed in dis pikshure wif ur new stoic furrends.

  2. that's very nice from mom. If the Pharaohs had statues after them, is only fair that you and Fuzz get a couple.
    CON and Crete sounds fine to me :)

  3. Well, at least they will never steal your toys.

  4. Its look great and very very cute.Their color is so beautiful.