Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bear's football

Dear world,
When my Mom gave Fuzz and I a football, I decided I would want to be a quarterback since everyone tells me I am smart and I don't like to tackle others. So I went outside and practiced based on what I saw on TV. But I realized I needed to learn more. I wonder if I could buy a Bears Football Playbook. Maybe my family in Chicago could get it for me.
Love always,


  1. I don't have one of those Books!! but I am a girl so I don't play football! Mom says I'll Break a shoulder or knee! but You Bear are good and your a boy!!! I might be a cheerleader? If I can lose weight? Yep!! I'll be On your Cheer leading Squad!! Maybe your Family in Chicago will buy you a book?To learn More? That would be very nice..Then you also may become famous?

    Well Off to Car Dog House to Tweet in Car!!
    xxx Gracie

  2. I think you should right your own book. I see you have already a bunch of moves.
    Is that Fuzz laying on his back behind you in the last picture? Shouldn't he be tackling somebody since he is the bigger one?

  3. How haf u managed to not be recrooted by sumbuddy alweady? Yoo wud be a gud quarterback and u cud lern fast wut yoo duzznt alweady noe!

  4. Bear! We'd be happy to give you some Chicago Bears items, but I'm not sure I can get the playbook. (They guard it pretty closely!)