Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rosy's Poses

Dear world,
Poor Rosy. She just lays all day recuperating on her blanket (now she has a blanket collection). Mom just can't help herself. Click, click, click with the camera. I warned Rosy that she just has to get used to it. Well it didn't take Rosy long. She already poses for Mom. I think Tyra Banks calls it smizing with her eyes at the camera. America's Next Top Modoodle?
Love always,


  1. if she feels protected she will be relax.
    your mom is an excellent mom and I think Rossy knows that by now.
    she might be thinking "this is much better than my previous place" and "look those 2 handsome dogs walking around me".

  2. Those are very becoming bankies, Rosy. You are living the good life now!

  3. Rosie luks lyke shes become a member uv da fambly! She got beary lucky to hab such gud brofurs and mama!

  4. Rosy, I love your beautiful pink blankies. You make sure the boys take good care of you while you recuperate.

  5. Rosy is such a cutie and so lucky to have two great brothers. Hope she's feeling better real soon.

  6. I love your beautiful pink blankies. Rosy,your really great,and your lucky.