Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tug of Stick

Dear world,
Lately, we have been taking off leash walks on the golf course in the evening. As part of the walk, Mom always throws a stick for Fuzz and I to catch. Fuzz is only interested in the same stick that I am. So we always end up playing Tug of Stick. Even though he is bigger, I usually win. And then I carry the stick home. Mom makes me leave it outside the door. I am starting to build up a collection. Maybe we can use it for firewood.For the money that saves the family, maybe I could have that as allowance. I am so enterprising.
Love always,


  1. Hai Bear! You iz so klever an you gonna be rich! I bets you can use it to gets chrissymouse prezents!

  2. Every time I visit your site, you make us smile or laugh. You did it again.

  3. Bear... I think Fuzz you loves you so much that he doesn't care if you have the stick...

  4. Always the entrepreneur! What would you buy with your allowance?

  5. That second photo is just full of happiness !!