Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank Heaven I'm Not a Little Girl

Dear world,
With my niece Bunnybell here visiting, there are now 2 big boy and 2 little girl dogs in my house. And wow, do gender and size ever so make a difference. Those two little girls pitter patter around, bicker, instigate, jump up and down on furniture and compete for laps and chairs. This is so unlike me and Fuzz. We're just chill. We take life as it comes. Thank heaven I'm not a little girl. It seems way too stressful.
Love always,


  1. interesting observation on the opposite sex pal.

  2. Itz innerestin dat da gurls r dark n da boyz r light too. Maybe dat cuz dere more devil in da gurls! :)

  3. when a dog isn't as cute and adorable as you are (and Fuzz too) you have to work harder to compensate. What can I say? I love big dogs :)

  4. Nice to see the two littlies meeting :)