Monday, November 22, 2010

And then there were four

Dear world,
Just when I was finally starting to get used to the idea of being a three canine house, my human sis arrived with her dog/my niece Bunnybell for a visit. So now we are four, plus three humans. This change has had quite an impact on my life. For example, my sleep is interrupted, I get less ball time and I need to share my Mom with yet another dog, But I am not complaining. I love and am thankful for Rosy and Bunnybell and of course I adore Sydne . But I will admit it. I do find myself occasionally longing for the more simple moments of me and Fuzz and Mom and Dad.
Love always,


  1. WoW yoo haz a howseful uv dogs! It luks lyke fun to me. Yoo cud pway chasers (or iz dat a cat only fing?) and make cuddle piles. Haz fun wif all yoor fwends Bear!

  2. this could be your Christmas card.
    you have to go to your mom and place your head on her knees. She will understand that you need extra cuddling and she will scratch all the itchy parts in your head and body.
    Dad has to go and play ball with you outside. That I'm sure is written in the contract...

  3. So many fur-pals! Ellie is jealous :)

  4. In a positive light, you always have company around and friends to play with.

  5. i nose how you feel! i haz to share mom wif four kittehs now dat we haf a new kitten!