Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Dear world,
Mom and Dad went on a trip to Washington DC and brought Fuzz and I home stuffed toys. I had first choice. So there I was with a red elephant or a blue donkey. This was really tough. I had a funny feeling which my Dad would want me to pick. I know my President would want me to pick the Donkey. But I think my new state would prefer I chose the elephant. Now I understand why politics is so hard. You just cant please everybody. I never want to be a politician.
Love always,


  1. No worries, Bear. Shred them both - equal treatment and all that! That's what my guys would do.

  2. Bear, you couldn't be a Politician. You are way too smart.
    You will be a Socialist also: "Taco Tuesday for every barking American" (after the diet is finished of course).
    Your mom will be an excellent First Lady of course (billions in investment for all dog shelters).
    Fuzz will be happy in the White House. He is big. The W.H. is big.

  3. Fernando says it all! You are too smart to be a politican.

  4. If there's no nip I wudn't want either of em anyway.

  5. You should just take both of them! hehehe. Sorry fuzz!

  6. I wuddnt wanna be a politician! Toyz iz alwayze gud tho!