Sunday, November 14, 2010

Celebrity Bunny

Dear world,
I saw this thing on that lets you see what you look like with different celebrity hair. Well, there were no boys, so I didnt want to try it myself. But Bunnybell (my neice) was game. She looks so good as so many different celebrities! Which do you like best? BunnyGaga (white)? BunnyGaga (yellow)? BunnyJessicaParker? BunnyPaltrow? BunnyJ. Blige? BunnySwift? BunnyAnniston? BunnyHendricks? BunnyPalin? BunnyKnowles? BunnyKardashian? or BunnyHayek?
Love always,


  1. Bunny Gaga (yellow) and old school SJP. Love this!

  2. I Think?? Bunny Jessica Parker? This was a tough call? Many look ok! Bunny Palin hair doo? Possible..for A short one. Perhaps Kate Plus 8 should be a Bunny doo? It May Look good the old style? I say Bunny Marlyn Monore would Be HOT!!or Bunny Jacie O'...(graceful) CAUTION: Dislcaimer: In No way do My choices reflect The liking of the Celebrities Personality!!or Their position in life. Just so you know!

    xxx Gracie Ann

  3. Is Bunny Hayek the last one? That is the one that I pick!

  4. We think Bunny Swift is the best!

  5. We like Bunny Swift. My granddaughter is a big Taylor Swift fan.