Friday, November 5, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Cousins Club

Dear world,
The other day we went to Hollywood Feed pet store and I met Shadow the Collie. He told me I looked like a Collie, but he had never seen a collie with my color fur. I told him that is because I am a Gollie, not a Collie. He said I looked and acted very much like a Collie which he said was a huge compliment. He thought maybe we were cousins. I said we should start a cousins club. Of course, Bear felt left out. So I told him he could be part of the club too.


  1. I sense a cousin party coming up!!

  2. That's so kind Fuzz, its how I got to be a honorary westie!

  3. Fuzz, you are so thoughtful.
    I'm sure you could save 'Timmy' from any well if he was ever in danger again :) like good Collies do.

  4. Fuzzy - mai mom had a dog who wuz a Siberian Gollie. She had da coloring of a golden, da snout of a collie, and da eyes of a Husky!

  5. You are both very handsome doggies. A cousin club sounds great. I has a couxin too - PixelMoon.