Friday, November 19, 2010

FuzzBuzz: I would not eat Rosy

Dear world,
Rosy doesn't do much but lay on her pink blanket and look pretty. Bear explained that she has to rest because she had surgery. He reminded me that I lay around a lot and do nothing and I have no excuse. Anyway, I don't think Rosy likes me. She growls when I come near her. She thinks I am going to eat her. I would not eat her, maybe her food, but not her. In fact, I actually like having her around. Whenever she gets a treat, I get a treat too cause Mom likes to treat all of us the same (no pun intended).


  1. Awww, poor Rosy. It was so good that your mom rescued her and got her to the vet.

  2. Oh Bear, I thinks Rosy mite be wat iz called a "diva" I can recongize one cuz I iz one! Just wership her from a distance an get your treetz when you can *nozetap*

  3. Oh Fuzz... she'll come around :o)

  4. I haf one sisfur who duzznt lyke me much. She hisses and growls when I chase her, but I still chase her (he he). I fink dat gurls r just fussier den us big boyz! I hope dat Rosy feels better soon!

  5. Hope Rosy gets better soon ,I think she nos U not eat her Fuzz, I think she nos U will eat hers foods BOL xoxoox

  6. Dear Fuzz, No need to worry!! Rosy probably came from a single furbaby home!1.) she was never taught to share 2.)Never taught to Trust another fubaby.
    So given the signs of growling at you for NO apparent reason,Like food,toys, treats, hugs,kisses...
    I say Rosy was alone for most of her life.
    (An only child.)
    In time at your house with your Mom teaching her Love, kindness,caring,sharing Rosy will come to understand YOU & BEAR are not a Threat to her!
    Also Rosy sees you as Bigger and her growling is to scare you off & away from her..
    I would say Fuzz do not retreat and be fearful of Rosy.. but at the same time don't push Rosy's buttons..
    So if Rosy Growls at you?Just say Fine! Walk off & do your thing which is play, eat treats and Love your Mom & Dad.. Rosy will watch & see how you act and will eventually copy cat your behavior.. as it's Good To be Fuzz & BearBearD!!
    Rosy will see this and want to be like you two!!

    Just my opinion...
    xxxx Gracie

  7. maybe if your mom ties the treat around your neck and you get close enough to Rossy, she will find the treat and thank you.

  8. Interesting idea Fernando. However, she already acts like she wants to bite my nose off, so I would be afraid with a treat around my neck, she actually would!

  9. Fuzz, tell your mom to comb your hair, make a big ball with your hair and put it on Rosy's nose. She has to get use to your smell first. Should take 1 to 2 weeks.

  10. Poor Rosy,Rosy sees you as Bigger and her growling is to scare you off & away from her..