Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Name for All Seasons

Dear world,
Growing up in Southern California, I did not experience seasons like I have in Memphis this year. I never really understood why Autumn was also called Fall. It is the only season I think that has two names. But now I get it. It is Autumn now, and everyday more and more leaves fall, hence, the name Fall. Pretty clever. I wonder what the nickname of winter is or should be... Freeze? And then should Spring also be called Thaw? And Summer also be referred to as Perspire?
Love always,


  1. I think you got it right now pal. We pals dat live in cold climates could have told you dat. he he - welcome to my world!

  2. Bear yoo spend ur tyme pondering the gweat kwestshuns uv da world. Yoo must be a philosopher! Yoo iz eben kinda posing lyke one in dis pikshur. Bear da Philosopher. I fink it fits yoo!

  3. were you sitting there for 3 days without moving and arrived to that conclusion? you are a Yogi (not the bear, the Yoga practitioner). I'm from Peru and studied the 4 seasons too, even though my country has "hot and humid" and "cold and humid". Now I'm in Montreal and I can see every season.
    That's a very nice tree behind you.
    You look very nice in this picture.

  4. I think that you will enjoy the snow, Bear. We just got some and my paws were soooo cold at first, but then I realized that snow is FUN!

  5. your words are good,Thank you for bringing such nice posts.

  6. Winter can be "COLD"! It sure was where I live this week.