Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Da Bears

Dear world,
Everyday on our walk we pass by this house and these two black labs come charging to the fence. They used to bark and so did we, but now we just run over and say hello. Mom looked at their collars and saw their names were Bear and Hank. How cool! Fuzz and I really would like to play with them some day. Maybe I would become best friends with Bear. Then we would be referred to as "da Bears". (I guess it would make more sense if we lived in Chicago. )
Love always,


  1. Aww!! Pawsome!! "Hnak & Bear" Cool Names! & I hope you get to Play with them! It could be a CLUB!! "The Bears of Berkley" how funny!

    You would have a Doggie Club & Could write a Doggie Book!! and have a Reality TV show!!


    xxxx Gracie

  2. OOOpsie!! I meant to say *Hank & Bear" My Paws slipped on keys while typing!!

    so CooL *HANK & BEAR"

    xxxx Gracie

  3. I fink doze dawgs wud haz a gweat tyme pwayin wif yoo n Fuzz. Yoo cud be a boyz club too den Fuzz n Hank cud be included!