Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Dog in the Hat

Dear world,
Mom came home with this tall striped hat and I asked her what it was. She told me it was the hat from the Cat in the Hat stories by Dr. Seuss. She then showed us the books. Since she did not have The Cat in the Hat, Fuzz wanted to read Green Eggs and Ham. I told him that may make us hungry so I chose Fox in Socks. We found the book to be very odd but the rhymes inspired me to try it myself.
Thinking,thinking sitting on a log
What should I write, write in my blog?
Why look, there is tall hat of red and white
Put it on , put it on! It will help you write!
But this hat, this hat is so tall!
Never mind this...just throw me a ball.
Love always,


  1. That hat iz huje! I luv your powem, you iz just so talented Bear! Give mai kisses to Fuzz pleeze!

  2. that will teach you not to ask mom any more questions :)
    that is beautiful. I didn't know you could write spells, I mean, poetry. Is really nice.
    Fuzz appears to be fascinated by the story.
    Is good that you can read those stories.

  3. You are very smart, Bear! If I had a hat like that, do you think I could read too?

  4. Bear, yoo iz a poet n didn't know it! I lyke yoor poem, itz beary nyce, but I duz lyke Cat in da Hat too! I fink itz gweat u guyz lykes to wead books.

  5. OMB! that's the cutest pic EVAH!!
    A dog in a hat, so CLEVAH!

  6. Wow Bear, this is one of my favorite posts yet!

  7. Oh Bear - dat hat is so great on you. It's the bestest costume ever. he he - you look so intelligent with the glasses, but den we know dat already.