Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rosy watch

Dear world,
Mom brought Rosy back home yesterday after her lady surgery. She has to be resting quietly and not bother her boo boo. So last night I thought I would help by watching her. She seems to be getting more comfortable with me, or maybe it was her pain medication. Fuzz didn't really care until Mom started feeding her chicken. That made Fuzz watch her too. Then he got a treat and went back to sleep. I kept watching her. After all, I am now her big brother and need to love and protect her.
Love always,


  1. You're a great big brother, Rosy is so lucky to have you & your family. Give her kisses from all of us and keep us post.

    Wally, Lola, Bella & Elvis

  2. I bet Rosy felt beary sekure wif u watchin her Bear. Yoo iz bein a gweat big brofur!

  3. Awhh Bear, you are such a good brother! Rosy is sooo lucky! Meggy(my yorky sister)had her lady surgery a few months ago. Give her a lick from me and tell her to "Get Well Soon".
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  4. you are the best big brother any dog wishes to have. I'm sure Fuzz agrees with me (I can see him laying back there... he is watching too). Rosy should be happy of having the perfect family.
    I'm sure 10 days ago things didn't look so nice in her future.

  5. You make a great big bother! Good job taking care of Rosy.

  6. Ur a great big brother, Bear! Rosy must be very happy to be part of such a wonderful family. She is a very beautiful girl. And also very lucky to have u & Fuzz in her life. Love!