Friday, November 12, 2010

FuzzBuzz: Football receiver

Dear world,
Mom got me and Bear a University of Memphis football. We played a bit with it, and Bear thinks I have promise as a football player. He said if I go anywhere near the opposing team with my teeth, they will retreat and I could catch the ball. So I guess I would be a receiver. Since I live nearby the University, maybe I will walk over and see if I could join the team.


  1. Fuzz!! Oh Your TeeTH Are PawSome Just pearly whites!! but at the same time very scary! Yep! I think a Scout for Football is in your Future!
    Then you will be FAMOUS!!! A famous FOOTBALL Player!! Thats beyond pawsome! I will be your Cheerleader?Oh MayBe Rosie will want to be one too? Well Cheers & GoodLuck with your New Profession!! xoxoxxxxxx Gracie Ann

  2. Great picture, you look like the happiest dog in the world :)

  3. the University will be crazy in not accepting you as part of their team. I bet you can run faster than those big guys. Better grip of the ball with those teeth... I don't think so.