Monday, November 8, 2010

Everything's coming up Rosy

Dear world,
This past Saturday, we found a little black dog with a collar and no tag. Mom & Dad put up lots of signs. No one has called. Mom said we needed to name her in the meantime. We named her Rosy because we found her on Rose St. Today Mom is taking her to the vet to have her checked out. I cant decide whether I like having her around. On the one paw, she is very attached to my Mom which makes me a bit jealous. On the other paw, it would be nice to rescue an abandoned dog. Fuzz also pointed out that maybe with a sister, it would help take some of the dress up pressure off of us. He has a point. I am sure Mom has photo shoots in her head! Stay tuned.
Love always,


  1. OMC Rosie is kyute! She looks like she wud be lotsa fun to play wiv and I sure her will ware kostooms for your mom to take pikshures

  2. Dear BearBearD, In Light of thie weekends events? It's Just like a Miracle?Here you were wanting a Dog? and one appears? Thats called a Miracle. Dogs Happen to people. They don't even have to look for them! On the other hand? would if Mom gets attached & You & someone comes along after a few days & claims the furgirl?Then You will all be sad?
    It is just of my opinion? but I would give the new girl a few days of staying over your house? and maybe her people will find her & Maybe they dont want her?she looks a bit mature & sweet?Not abused?so she looks like someones good furbaby?Maybe older person that isn't looking at posters?
    My Mom has been down this road..Many times & BINGO!!after vetting & loving along comes the person looking!!and then we all cry!

    So enjoy your new girl..but remember if she looks good, well fed, groomed? she is probably someones Love!! They just aren't looking at the posters! My Mom puts adds in the pet lost & found section of the local news paper! (if she finds a furball!) Then after a month..proceeds ahead...with adoption. My Mom makes up birth certificates for all of us..Tell your mOm to do the same..Good Idea.. Then you need to get well..Thats in the future..Baptised!

    Good Luck & Hope You get to keep New furbaby!

    xxxxx Gracie Ann

  3. Oh bear & Fuzz she is so sweet it will nice 4 U 2 has a sister HUGS xoxo

  4. Hi B2! I agree with Gracie Ann. Adore her while she is yours! If she has to leave back to her mom, then know you did a good deed and kept her safe from harm.

    I'm going to go visit Grace Ann and find out more about her!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  5. Bear, we don't know if the Rosy escape from a house where the mom was dressing her too much :)
    maybe the vet can check her for micro-chips on her.
    could be a good idea if your mom starts looking for signs around your area. Expand the search area. When scare dogs can run for blocks at a time.

  6. Hey dude, a sister is better than another brother!

  7. She's perfect for dressing up. Keep her and make the mom dress her up instead of you guys.

  8. I think you have a point there, Bear. I can just see how cute Rose would be all dressed up. But, I bet you and Fuzz would miss it.....

  9. Rosie luks lyke a cutie pie! She iz da purrfect size fur dwessin up! Mama will haf a gweat time wif her. Sisfurs are fun, yoo will lyke hafin her.

  10. Rosy is so cute. Hope she gets to stay with your family. It will be nice to have a little sister.
    You know that no one will take any love away from the both of you. Always enough love to go around.

  11. Cute little girl. So lucky all of you are and how LUCKY she is.

  12. Awwwwww-she's awfully sweet-what does the vet think ? Healthy-and how old did he think ?
    Well done on helping your mum take her in XX