Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dogwalk Empire

Dear world,
Every Sunday Mom and Dad watch Boardwalk Empire. They really love the show. So it got me to thinking. What if I had lived in the 1920's? I wouldn't have cared about prohibition cause I don't drink. But would I have been a mobster? Would I have worked for someone like Nucky Thompson? Or would I have been a powerful kingpin myself? Hmmm... Bear's DogWalk Empire. Doesn't that sound swell?
Love always,


  1. Dogwalk Empire sounds great.
    But, I thought you run a little Empire right now.
    Dad works for you, filling your needs in a nice place. Mom is in charge of feeding your, entertaining you, dressing you up and taking pictures. And Fuzz will do anything you suggest (at least I like to think he will).

  2. Dogwalk Empire is pretty cool sounding! Cool pic, looks like you stepped right out of the past!

  3. You are too nice to be a mobster! Maybe you could be one of the politicians. They were looking for a new Republican candidate on the show. I think you would be very good for that Bear.

  4. We think you'd make a great kingpin Bear! But like Fernando F. says, you're leading a pretty good empire now! Barooo from Prudence (@tildatoo)

  5. Nope your to Nice to have been a Mobster!! Oh NO!! To sweet & kind..Maybe owned a Eatery in Chicago where Mobsters came & made you pay off for protection? or on Broadway as a Movie producer in silent films?

    xxxx Gracie,Max,Molly,Harley