Monday, November 15, 2010

High Level Security

Dear world,
Since Fuzz works for me as Director of Security for Mom's company, I asked him to take a look into any possible improvements in the process. So Fuzz started the Fuzz Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He then suggested that since I was the smartest, I should start the Cuddly Intelligence Agency (CIA). So now we have a heightened level of security. Good work Fuzz!
Love always,


  1. I don't know how much security you can have when one half of the team is snoozing on the job.

  2. Gweat job wif da sekurity Fuzz! Yoo eben haz da shirts so efurrybuddy knowz u iz da eff bee eye!

  3. I'm sure the security is working just fine.
    If somebody breaks in, he will be distracted by 2 cute dogs and he will forget why he broke in and just start cuddling with both of you.

  4. Love those shirts! You two make a great team, keeping the family safe :)

  5. You two are sooooo clever! Love the shirts!
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  6. We all feel much safer knowing you are on the job.

  7. We feel a lot safer with the two of you watching over us.