Saturday, November 20, 2010

Clean Out the Fridge

Dear world,
I CANNOT believe we missed an important holiday! We just learned that November 15th was National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. Fuzz asked Mom if maybe there was a make up day. I am wondering if there is a National Clean Out You Freezer Day. That would be even better cause that is where the meat is. Well, if there isn't an official one yet, maybe I could set it for tomorrow? Do I need to get a petition going?
Love always,


  1. I fink u guyz r being beary helpful wif da cleaning owt uv da fridge. Me n my sisfur lyke to go in da fridge if da door getz opened fur long enuff. I agree dere shud be a National Freezer Day. We haf chikken in owr freezer!!

  2. Bear, I think cleaning the freezer is not suppose to be your goal. If I remember well you are in a diet program. You seem to be cleaning the freezer every week :)

  3. There is cheese in the refrigerator, though.

  4. The hooman thinks you are so cute, Bear.