Monday, March 1, 2010

My dog is my co-pilot

Dear world,
My mom has always had magnetic paws on her car. They usually are on the back. So it got me to thinking, why stop at paws? What if she could get her very own Bear magnet to display proudly on her car? There isn't enough room in the back of the car, so why not on the front passenger's side? This is the ultimate in stating my dog is my co-pilot. Well the ultimate for us since we don't have a plane. Can someone please make a magnet for us?
Love always,


  1. Actually, we can't make a magnet but we could make a Bear repositionable car decal... :)

  2. The company that makes my business card does magnetic car door signs -

    All the best, Wiggle

  3. Yes! My mom found it today and ordered 2! One for her car and one for my dads. The latter will probably not be used!
    Thanks so much! My very own face magnet!