Monday, March 8, 2010

Big City Bear

Dear world,
I went to Los Angeles this past weekend with my Mom. I have never been to a big city before. So many people, cars, sirens, helicopters, oh my! And things were very strange for me. I had to go in an elevator when I needed to go out to pee; I sat out on a terrace up so high I could see the city buidlings in the distance and bright colorful lights at night; I kept on waking up since it was so noisy outside; I had to be on leash at all times out of the apartment; and there were very few big dogs, mostly little dogs scared of big dogs. But I did do fun things and saw famous places, so I am glad I had the experience venturing out into the big city. But the visit made me realize, I am not the city type. It is a nice place to visit , but I prefer my quiet beach life. Does that make me boring?
Love always,


  1. You are never boring Bear. You have the greatest adventures on your beach. Enjoyed your Los Angeles visit, but you right - nice, quiet home is better.

  2. You look like you belong in Beverly Hills - but you need to wear some sunglasses so people think you're famous!

  3. It was fun having you BearBear. I linked to your blog in ThinkThruFashion today :)

  4. Nope. I think you're one of the most interesting dog I've ever met :o)
    hmm big city...I wonder how I'd behave there...