Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pee Mail

Dear world,
My mom got a bit annoyed with me yesterday on our walk. She didn't have much time and I kept on stopping. Well it was Saturday, a big day for pee-mail. Humans say we are marking our territory. Pulease. It is pee-mail. Why can't they understand, it is quite simple. We sniff to "read" our new mail and we pee to "write" our new mail. That is how we keep in contact with our friends. Sorry Mom, I cant help it if I am so popular.
Love always,


  1. humans... who needs them? you are right. is very simple. Is pee-mail. what's so hard to understand. You couldn't be claiming that as your territory since that would be just a gigantic one. That couldn't be your purpose... to own the World...

  2. Pee mail! I love it! Momma says my pee is like breadcrumbs that help us find our way back to the car. Now I'll tell her I'm sending Pee mail. You're so clever, Bear!

  3. he he- I love it peemail! Oomans should know better!

  4. I love it! They should definitely allow you more time for walks on busy pee-mail days!