Monday, March 15, 2010

No longer snow virgins

Dear world,
Yesterday was a great day. Mom took me and Bunnybell to Mount Laguna to see snow for the first time. The first thing I did of course was pee to let everyone know I was there. Bunnybell lifted her leg and copied me. Then we went to a bigger patch of snow and I ran around fetching sticks. It felt so good under my feet. My mom threw a snow ball to me. I didn't quite get that. So I tried digging and making my own. Then I stuck my nose in the snow and made a snow angel. Snow is really great. Especially enjoyed at 50 degrees!
Love always,


  1. Oh Bear - I did't know dat it was your first time ever to see snow. How exciting for you. Looks like you both are having a great time.

  2. Hey, congrats, Bear. I haven't seen snow yet, but I heard of it. Did you build a snowdog?

  3. Way to enjoy life! Snow is great - anywhere, anytime, and any temperature (well maybe not any temperature). See pics at my house on 01-04-10 entry.