Tuesday, March 30, 2010

North beach photo shoot

Dear world,
Since the south side of the beach has a lot of Springbreakers, we decided to do the north side yesterday. And it was fairly empty. We hadn't been there in awhile. My mom forgot how beautiful it was. So of course, that meant photo shoot. She even made me model in the ocean! Next, she will probably want to take underwater pictues, but she needs underwater equipment. Actually, she can probably use the camera that fell in the toilet bowl. It is obviously waterproof. It took these pictures!
Love always,


  1. Wow - dat shot is very bootiful. You have the best places to take walks.

  2. nice to explore new (or very old) places.
    new rocks to sleep on, new water to have a splash on, very nice.
    I like those green rocks.
    I guess the ocean has less water now... so look very wet.
    Try placing cotton balls in your ears before diving in the ocean.
    Might lower the risk of ear infections.

    you look very cute, even wet.

  3. I love that ocean photo! You ARE a supermodel!

  4. Meow! Nice fotos of you, Bear. I hope dat water wasn't too cold.

  5. I think if you send these photos to Nigel, he'll do your next shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swim suit edition!!!! or (swim suit optional as the case may be)

  6. You look just like a swimsuit model in that first pic!