Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Drew

Dear world,
Today is my human nephew Drew's birthday. He is now two years old. When he visited last summer he liked throwing the ball to me. So I suggested to my mom that we get him a case of tennis balls for his birthday. My mom didnt think that was a good idea. She said that would be a present for me. So I thought, yeah, so?
Well, Mom ended up getting him a scooter. Maybe he will bring it with him when he visits and let me ride it. I can't wait to see him!
Love always,
Uncle Bear


  1. you thinks that a scooter can be as fun as 3 tennis balls that you can use to play with a nice doggy? humans....

  2. Drew loved his scooter and believe it or not, would love a case of tennis balls as well! He found one at the park and will not put it down.