Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dear world,
I was invited to a SciFi party today on Twitter. All my anipals are in these great costumes. I don't know anything about SciFi. But then I thought of Chewbacca. I have so much in common with him. He is described as "a gentle, hairy, non-English speaking co-pilot" -- that is exactly like me! And he is a sidekick of someone who saved him. Well I am Mom's side kick and she rescued me. So it is perfect! I am ChewBearca!
Love always,


  1. But I bet you smell a lot better than Chewbacca!...snicker....
    You are adorable as ChewBearCa!

  2. and a mitey fines chewbearca u did makes! fanks u so much fur comin to ma outta dis werld scifipawty!