Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Large dog discrimination

Dear world,
Yesterday I walked in the neighborhood of Solana Beach. My parents were looking to get a condo there last year, but they weren't able to. Almost all the buildings only allowed 1 dog or small dogs. (My brother was still with us at the time so we were a 2 dog family). So today my Mom needed a poop bag and luckily there was a dispenser. But it was so silly. The size of the bag was for like maybe chihuahuas? So again, we felt discriminated against in Solana Beach. But the town is really dog friendly. I even get to go in the yogurt shop! (But I guess I have to poop elsewhere).
Love always,


  1. I don't understand the discrimination against large doggies. What does size have to do with it. You are not the first doggie friend that has mentioned this problem It's not right.

  2. stupid rule. rules are suppose to be about behavior. If 3 dogs are well behave, what's the problem?... that's why dogs are people best friends, and not 'other people'.

  3. I guess you're going to have to become a serial pooper if you walk there, a little bit in 3 bags or more. Could it be a new doggy competitive event? ..... ;)

  4. My mom and dad lived in a community with the same rules long before either of us doggies were born. It's really a shame because sometimes it's the bigger dogs that are quieter and better behaved than the little logs. Of course, that doesn't include ME...cuz *I* am a really GOOD boy. ;)

  5. I agree with you completely! There is so much dog discrimination that it's terrible. I'm a Standard Schnauzer, the bigger schnauzer. If you'll check out my website at you'll see that I've written quite a lot about doggie discrimination. We bigger dogs should get together and go on strike.