Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Luck Poop

Dear world,
Funny thing happened the other day. (My mom didn't think it was so funny at the time.) On our beach walk, there was a very deserted part of the beach so I thought it would be a nice private place to poop. My mom reached inside her pocket and oh no!, the poop bags must have fallen out. No extra poop bags in site. The only tool she had was the chuckit. She proceeded to rake up the poop which ended up starting to mix with the sand. Then she tried to dig a hole with the other side of the chuckit. Then she tried to bury the poop mix in the hole. Then she picked up a giant rock and put it over her mess. I really hope no one stepped in it. But if someone does, they say it is good luck. I have a feeling there will be a lot of good luck going around.
Love always,


  1. I think the rock will do the trick. If somebody finds your poop, that will teach them to not go to the beach and be turning around all those rock.
    You look very freeze by the way.
    You look very guilty too.


  2. he he your mama certainly gets an A for trying so very hard.

  3. The horror! Poor mom... tried everything she could to hide the poop. Hopefully no one stepped in it, MOL. I want to go to the beach...

  4. Oh, Bear, this is very funny. Momma said it reminds her of a time when she was walking my predecessor, Muggins, on the beach. Momma walks us rain or shine and up here in the Pacific Northwest, we get LOTS of rain. In winter, we get wind storms.

    On the really windy/rainy days (50 mph + winds), Daddy would drop off Momma on the beach and she and Muggins would walk with the wind for an hour or more and then Daddy would pick them up further up the beach. Muggins loved to chase sand on those days.

    So on one of those days, Muggins pooped, and Momma went to clean it up, and the wind blew it. Momma chased it. The wind blew it some more. Momma chased. She chased it for about 50 yards (and by this time, it was all spread out) before she realized that here she was, a grown woman chasing poop.

    She finally gave up and hoped the poop got blow into bits.

    Isn't it fun to make our humans do these silly things?

  5. Yur poor Mom! Dat is a funny story, Bear.

  6. Some poor child making a sandcastle may discover your gift... ROFM

  7. Since I read the blogs backwards, I now know why you need to do treat training on your mom to do something about her pockets!