Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life Before Chuckits!

Dear world,
Tourists often ask my mom about our chuckit!. I can't believe not everyone knows about these things. My mom picks up the ball with it, and then throws it out real far. It is particularly important at the beach. If she didn't have it I wouldn't have very far to go for the ball because she throws like a girlie girl. (My dad doesn't really need to use one). Anyway, I am glad I was born after chuckits were invented.
Love always,


  1. i not even a dawg & i nose about chuckits. silly peeple needs to gets out more.

    BTW dat a pawsum pikshur.

  2. A device like the jai-alai could be more useful.
    The ball is the only thing that is propel.
    In this site you can see the real one to play the sport:
    but in my country a plastic one was fabricate and 2 people could throw the ball from about 5 to 10 meters to one another.
    In any case, is nice to see Bear running a big distance and not a couple of meters if mom throws like a girl :)