Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Blackberry for me?

Dear world,
A few weeks ago, when my mom's phone fell in the ocean, she went to get a new phone. She got a Black Blackberry. (that is a bit redundant.) But there were 2 phone boxes in the bag. She did not take the other one out but I saw it. Do you think it is a surprise for me? My birthday is not coming up until September. I wonder what I would do with a Blackberry. My paws are way too big. Maybe I could sell it on eBay.
Love always,


  1. Your mum is a clumsy one, isn't she ? Blackberry in the sea and camera in the loo !!!

  2. Trade it for treats and toys. I bet you'd get a good deal.

  3. My human has a BlackBerry which is good as she can Tweet for me & check my emails when I'm out. I could try and use it but quite frankly, the human is my secretary so she can do my work!

  4. You could sell it on eBay and get a lot of treats and toys for sure! Probably the keys are too big for your paws anyway... Treats are way better!

  5. Yup -like the idea of selling it on E-Bay and buying treats - lots of treats.