Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reward Training

Dear world,
Mom puts things in her jacket pockets and they fall out. Up until last week, it would be poop bags. But last week, her cellphone fell in the ocean. Then a few days ago, her camera fell in the toilet bowl. Her pockets are very small and she always worries that things will fall out. So I don''t understand why she continues to put things in those pockets. Maybe she needs reward training. If I offer her a treat, do you think she will stop putting things in her pockets?
Love always,


  1. most probably she will put the treat on her small pocket and drop it anyway.... :)

  2. It is definatelly worth a try Bear. Good luck. Mom's are hard to train sometimes. It's a ooman thing.

  3. how can she resist! How bout she get pockets wif zippies in dem. My mum is always droppin fings too she drop her mobile down the toilet;).

  4. Ur mum shuld buy an andbag, my mum sez they are good for fones and keyz and munniez and treatz. But she still lost her fone when it fell out of her pocket. Dunno why she didn't put it in her andbag. Hoomans!

    Hamishthewestie xx