Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beach Nap

Dear world,
Yesterday was a beautiful day. So as usual my mom decided we need to take advantage of it and get our beach excercise.We have pretty much the same routine on every nice day.
First, we go to the off leash part of the beach and I get to swim, fetch and play. Then it's Mom's turn for excercise, so we walk about 2 miles down the beach and sit and rest somewhere along the way. And as long as I feel up to it, my mom lets me swim and play again after walking the 2 miles back. Yesterday, instead of just a rest, I took a quick nap. Yes, life is good.
Love always,


  1. life is really good. you must be of the luckiest dogs in the entire planet. your domain (that beach) is beautiful.

  2. Yes, I am very thankful everyday for my wonderful life in with my forever mommy and daddy. The first 4 yrs of my life before I was rescued were't so good. I was abandoned twice!

  3. Bear, you have such a beautiful life. Your beach sounds lovely. You really deserve all good things.

  4. Dat beach is so bootiful and you look so comfy drying off on the rock.

  5. You look very happiness, Bear. Lucky you. *wag wag* ~MaggieTDog