Friday, March 5, 2010

Home alone

Dear world,
Everyone wonders what I do when I am home alone Well, I start by going upstairs, jump into bed, roll around a bit and then take a nap. Then, I go into the other bedroom, jump on the bed, roll around a bit and then jump down. Then I contemplate what to do next. I usually will walk around to see what clothes or shoes are left out and bring one item downstairs. If I want to go for a walk it is a sneaker or a sweatshirt. If I want everyone to come home and go to sleep it is a slipper or pajamas. Once I am downstairs I go to my Mom's office and take a nap. When I wake up if I am still alone, I go back upstairs and then start all over again. Pretty exciting, huh?
Love always,


  1. This taken w/candid camera! You can goes to judge for that! Purrivacy invatshiun! MOL!

  2. You need some cats to chase - that really spices up my day. I just chase - never seem to catch them.