Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars walk

Dear world,
I was visiting my sis and niece, Bunnybell in Hollywood this weekend. I had a very interesting walk this morning. We walked by the Argyle hotel and a lot of commotion was going on. They had all these pics of movie stars outside. Then I saw this giant thing that looked like a man. I asked mom what it was. She told me it was topiary that was in the shape of an Oscar statue. I wondered why it was there. She said that there is a big Vanity Fair party at the hotel tonight for celebrities after the Oscars. I wonder if AirBud is going. Actually, I wonder if AirBud ever won an Oscar. If he did, was it in the shape of a dog?
Love always,


  1. Well, he should have and yes, it should have been shaped like a dog. Maybe we should start a PETition for a dog actor/actress category.

  2. Hey Bear, it is me @whereisbuddy, What they don't have Oscars for dogs?

  3. You'd be a winner for sure if they had an Oscar for Goldens!

  4. Wow! I guess green is the new gold! It looks as if you and Bunny had a great time!

  5. are you in hollywood?
    you re such a celeblity doggy!

  6. Bunnybell is so cute! *woof*
    You mean you're not Airbud???