Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wild waves

Dear world,
I just came back from my morning walk. We kept stopping to look over the ocean walls to see the waves. The ocean was wild because of the effects of the earthquake. So my mom wanted to take a picture of me in from of it. She kept on motioning to the wall. She meant to put my paws up, but I thought she meant to jump over. So I did. And then I heard the waves coming, so my mom said come back over quick! Which I did. Oh well, I thought I would get to go and play in the waves. Maybe later.
Love always,


  1. if you think a little, 'put your paws here' and 'jump' are very close phonetically in doggy-world. humans don't have the pitch to make it clear.
    the beach looks nice and your ears very flappy.

    Fernando1958 from Montreal

  2. Oh, it's so good you didn't venture farther and get caught up in the undertow. Always enjoy your beach walks.

  3. Whoa! I would have run, too! Probably too early to get wet! I love the action shot, thouh...

  4. What a cool picture! Our mom is seriously becoming quite the photographer.